Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Recreation Center Lap Pool Renovation

San Luis Obispo, CA

The team completed the demolition and removal phase for the overall renovations and replastering assignment. The project was generated by the State requirement that mandates that this be performed every 10 to 20 years to maintain a safe swimming environment. The project involved extensive concrete cutting, concrete removal, and asbestos pipe abatement.


Services: Demolition, Environmental Remediation & Abatebent Services

Cal Poly Pool Project
Sand Canyon Bridge Demolition

Sand Canyon Grade Separation

Metrolink, OCTA, City of Irvine, iShuttle, Union Pacific

Owner’s Representative to the city of Irvine for the $56 million, 3 ½ year bridge structure in the City’s Old Town district. The project involved the extensive community outreach efforts to the local businesses as well as with Caltrans.


Services: Construction Management | Demolition, Environmental Remediation & Abatebent Services

Energy Efficiency Program, Dental Practices

Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada

The Envetco team oversaw the installation of a unique energy saving and indoor air quality improvement system at two major dental programs in the Las Vegas Valley. The engineers at one location ran the HVAC units with the PlasmaGuard Energy Saver™ disabled for 24 hours and the results showed that the units consumed an average of 80.2 kWh. Engineers then enabled the PlasmaGuard Energy Saver™ and gathered data for an additional 24 hours. During this time, the unit consumed an average of 54.7 kWh while maintaining the same temperature. The results illustrated that the Energy Saver technology saved more than 32% in electricity thus yielding more than 35.2 pounds of carbon savings per day.


Services: Technology

Energy Efficiency Technology for Dentists Offices

City of San Miguelito, Panama Street Lighting Program and Energy Saving Analysis

San Miguelito, Panama

Project Manager for the effort for a citywide analysis of the City’s more than 90,000 streetlights in order to convert the City’s LPS lights to LED lights. The pilot program included the complete replacement of lights at one of the City’s largest public parks. The analyses of the system projected savings that could potentially yield a payback in as little as 5.5 years.


Services: Program Management | Construction Management | Technology

Crimson Coward

Garden Grove, CA

Construction Management services were provided for the construction of a fast-growing, retail chicken restaurant. The 1,470-square-foot, in-line, facility was part of a newly constructed retail center in Garden Grove, near the Disneyland Resort. The project required the extensive coordination with the adjoining retail tenants who were also building concurrently. In addition, services included scheduling in the City’s Building Inspector, Health Department, and Fire Department in order to obtain the certificate of occupancy.


Services: Construction Management | Construction

Micro Grid Technology for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

City of Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles, CA

The Envetco team worked with EV charging developer, Charge-Zero, to create a solution to the world recognized airport’s challenge of providing ample and available charging choices for the ride share driving community. The public private partnership is designed to provide 50, dual, fast chargers, capable of delivering a full charge within an hour. The project is designed to also have co-branding opportunities to help generate additional income for the 12-year concession. The facility, once completed, will also feature a ‘hot box’ locker system designed to allow app-based, food delivery services for patrons using the charging station.


Services: Technology

Albert Robles Center, Water Replenishment District

Pico Rivera, CA

As a consultant to the Water Replenishment District on the Albert Robles Center, led the Design-Build effort for the advanced reclaimed water treatment campus in the city of Pico Rivera. The campus includes an approximately 45,000-square-foot treatment plant and processing building as well as a 24,150-square-foot, two-story Administration and Visitor’s Building. Throughout the development of design and construction, the team worked closely with the community to deliver a world-class facility aimed at providing superior water to the vast community of water consumers within the WRD region. The team worked with WRD to ensure that the design goals aligned with the established budget to complete the LEED Platinum facility.


Services: Program Management | Design-Build

Rinconada Water Treatment Reliability Program, Valley Water Authority

Los Gatos, CA

Program Management services were implemented for the Reliability Improvement Project aimed at retrofitting, upgrading and/or replacing key equipment that is reaching the end of its natural life, addressing the areas of raw water ozone, flocculation and sedimentation. Filtration and redundant disinfection. The work will also increase the plant’s treatment capacity from 80 million gallons of water a day to 100 million gallons a day and help the district meet increasingly stringent standards for water quality, seismic stability and safety.


Services: Program Management

Owens Lake, City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)

Bishop, CA

Program Management services were provided for the delivery of a wide range of technical services. The team worked on 6 projects for more than 6 years as the program Manager for the Owens’s projects. Under a historic compromise with the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District (GBUAPCD) in June 1998, the City of Los Angeles agreed to control emissions on the Owens (dry) lakebed until air quality met health standards. 1999. Once the lakebed was a water and wetland complex located in a desert rift valley, much of the area is now a dry lakebed. This change began 85 years ago following completion of a 359 kilometer aqueduct that diverted water from the Owens Valley and delivered it to the City of Los Angeles. The six project constructed value was over 250MM. All Schedules were met and had no lost time injuries.


Services: Program Management

Owens Lake Project