Program and Construction Management

Program Management

As an industry leader in program management services for medium to large capital programs, Envetco oversees activities ranging from planning, coordination, scheduling and cost control, to design, construction, and commissioning.


Major programs require the management, coordination and integration of multiple, concurrent projects. By connecting our expertise across services, markets, and geographies, we manage outcome-driven projects that deliver social, economic and environmental value. These include programs of critical national importance in defense, transport, water, clean energy, environmental clean-up, international development and disaster recovery, as well as the shaping of many of the world’s major cities. Partnering with public and private asset owners as development and delivery partners, we help shape early thinking to deliver transformational change. Committed to service to society and the legacies of the programs we manage, we offer ongoing engagement through the program lifecycle, from day one to delivery and beyond.

Program Management for Capital Programs
Construction Management for Capital Improvement and Commercial Construction

Construction Management

Attention to details makes all the difference in advocating for a client’s best interest and promoting the successful completion of a project. At Envetco, we focus on details like becoming the eyes and ears of the client to help mitigate a project’s risk or on details like ensuring that the project stays within budget and not varying more than a tiny fraction from the original estimate.


Our solutions ensure that we cover every aspect of your project, from start to finish. Envetco’s Project and Construction Management professionals are on the job 24/7 job, advocating for your best interest and the success of your project.